Margarita Rhoden

Born and raised in Texas, Margie left when she joined the U.S. Army after college. The Army brought her to live in Maryland. Margie became one of the first women assigned to a brigade level combat unit and served as an Intelligence Officer in the 1st Cavalry Division, 3rd Infantry Division and the 1st Armored Division.

After her service, Margie began working at the Calvert Library as a Reference Librarian. Reference was a natural step from providing Intelligence to military commanders to providing information to library customers. Margie’s interest in and enjoyment of information gathering and research led to her presenting research at international library conferences.

After retiring from the library, Margie chose to further serve the  library community by applying to be a Library Trustee and was and appointed in April 2016. Margie believes that an important aspect of libraries is that in all communities libraries are used to learn, grow, and achieve dreams. Library users benefit from the expert teaching and guidance of librarians to help expand their minds and open new worlds.  They  also provide a sense of familiarity. You can move from place to place and the library welcomes you wherever you live.

Margie now lives in Waldorf with her husband, Michael, who is a retired  U. S. Army Military Intelligence Officer. They have one daughter who lives in Georgia with their son-in-law and granddaughter.