A message from the Executive Director

Welcome to the Charles County Public Library!

Public libraries are going through a period of transition; libraries today are less about what we have for
people and more about what we do for people by creating opportunities to engage, discover, and learn.
We are moving away from simply providing a warehouse of books to providing a place to be; both
physically and virtually. We are honored to be a trusted source for information, helping our community
navigate through the overwhelming amount of information available to them, regardless of format:
book, website, database, audio/video file, etc. We are also a place for community gathering, a neutral
place for community conversations that allows for all viewpoints to be heard. We are a center for job
seekers to get help with job searches and resume writing, and we even hold hiring events at the library.
As an integral part of community education, we hold many classes on everything from early literacy to
coding to Microsoft Office applications. Libraries provide space for crafting, book talks, computer use,
story times, gaming events, content creation, business meetings and much more. The possibilities are

So come on in! The library has a place just for you and we are happy to serve you!

Executive Director, Janet Salazar
Janet Salazar, Executive Director