It’s almost that time again…school shopping is right around the corner, letters are coming home about new teachers, the PTA, and Orientation Night. Summer is winding down, and school is just about here again. Where do you start? Here is a list of resources that will help you and your family. 

Just remember, planning ahead for school can save you time, money, and headaches. Would you like to learn more?

Here are some materials you can check out at your library!

School Ready by Sonja Walker

A Practical and Supportive Guide for Parents With Sensitive Kids

Is your sensitive preschooler starting school soon? Do you want your child to THRIVE, and not just ‘cope’? You are not alone. Every child is unique, and therefore every child has unique needs. But what if your school starter’s subtle differences set them apart from their peers? As your child prepares to start school, are you worried about:  How will your anxious child manage at ‘big school’?  How will teachers handle your child’s emotional or behavioral vulnerabilities? The effect your complex family could have on your child’s education?  The impact of your child’s learning, social or sensory processing challenges? Your unfamiliarity with Australian schools and where you fit in? Take heart, because School Ready is the ‘sensitive’ school readiness guide you’ve been looking for. Filled with practical advice, strategies, resources and templates for parents and teachers of children with unique needs, School Ready offers common-sense ideas to help your child (and you!) make a happy, successful start to primary school. This book will equip you to: Evaluate schools and make the right choice for your child.  Build strong, positive relationships with teachers and other parents. Collaborate with the school community to ensure your child succeeds. Help your child have confidence in the classroom and playground.  Become a champion for your child so that your voice is heard at school Written by award-winning teacher, business leader, parent educator and mum, Sonja Walker, School Ready provides solutions to the unique problems faced by families such as yours.

8th Grade Ready by Timothy M. Dove

Expert Advice to Help Parents Navigate the Year Ahead

Part of the Ready Guide series

Your child has finally gotten to the top of middle school, congratulations! Before you start worrying about high school, find out how you can best support your student during this last year of middle school. Each contributor to 8th Grade Ready is a current or former 8th grade teacher who has worked extensively with parents and families of students.

Beginning with how 8th grade differs from 7th and moving through preparing them for 9th grade, this book will serve as your guide. It will describe what to expect in a variety of areas and what to look for as you navigate your child’s physical, emotional, and academic growth.