Good posture is much more than just standing up straight. Our posture contributes to our overall physical and mental health. If you’ve been feeling aches and pains or have otherwise been feeling blue, time focusing on your posture may be just what it takes to improve your mood.  

People tend to spend a lot of time sitting — at work, while commuting, watching television, and looking at screens. Without exercising to develop core muscles, you may find yourself prone to increased headaches, neck, back, and other pain. The good news is that for most people, Harvard Health Letter indicates it is never too late to begin improving your posture.

The MedlinePlus database can be accessed through CCPL’s Web site by clicking on “Research and Learn” and scrolling down to “Research and Databases.”  The MedlinePlus Guide to Good Posture provides information on how bad posture can affect your health, such as making your spine more prone to injury, affecting how well your joints move, and increasing your risk of falling. The Guide to Good Posture also details ways to improve your posture, such as being mindful of your posture and practicing certain types of exercises that focus on body awareness. 

Pain-Free Posture Handbook by Lora Pavilack & Nikki Alstedter is available in CCPL’s collection. The book’s authors instruct how to evaluate good posture and then debunk ten posture myths, including “It’s hard to achieve and maintain good posture” and “Bad posture is genetic and unchangeable.” It suggests pilates, yoga, and the Gyrotonic Method to improve body awareness and improve posture. Pavilack and Alstedter outline dozens of daily posture exercises and routines to do at work, at home, and on the go. The exercises require little or no equipment and the effects of each exercise are explained. 

Healthline is a health information site that covers physical and mental health. If you aren’t sure how to begin working to improve posture, try these 12 Exercises to Improve Your Posture for easy, step-by-step instructions to help you get started. Then add variety or address specific concerns with Healthline’s 12 Health Benefits of Good Posture, which introduces exercises designed to reduce headaches, increase energy levels, improve circulation and digestion, and increase self-confidence.  

Further Resources

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The following related titles are available for circulation from our library collection. Click on the links to read more about the titles and place holds. 

Pain-Free Posture Handbook by Lora Pavilack & Nikki Alstedter

Lifelong Yoga by Sage Rountree & Alexandra Desiato

Desk Yoga Essentials by Sienne Smith