It’s that time of year, Wedding Season!  There is nothing like a clear June day to watch a couple get married. I think Robert Fulghum said it best, “We’re all a little weird; and life is a little weird; and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness–and call it love–true love.”  So, if you cannot travel to see that loved one’s wedding sit back and check out some of the wedding movies on Kanopy such as the Fred Astaire movie Royal Wedding, where a brother and sister dance team perform in England or check out teenage Shirley Temple who is smitten with an older boy and lets everyone think he is her boyfriend.  Enjoy!

Royal Wedding – Starring Fred Astaire and Jane Powell as a brother and sister dance team who are invited to England perform however it’s the same time as Princess Elizabeth’s wedding, so romance and challenges follow.

Richards’ Wedding – Tuna and Alex meet up to attend their friend’s wedding, on the way they meet up with more friends, and chaos ensues.

One Wedding and a Revolution – In this 2004 documentary, the Mayor of San Francisco granted gay and lesbian couples marriage licenses.  The first couple, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, that exchanged vows were celebrating their 51st anniversary.  During this 20-minute film, it leads up to that momentous day of February 12.

Wedding Sari Showdown – In this documentary about a couple from two cultures, Roman who is Indian-Australian and Anurag from a rich merchant family in Rajasthan, who marry secretly and struggle with the pressure of family responsibilities and cultural expectations.

Margot at the Wedding – Margot’s estranged sister is getting married, so she decides to visit only to wreak havoc on relationships and expose secrets.

The Wedding Plan – An Orthodox Jewish woman has faith that God will bring her a husband after her fiancé bails the night before the wedding.

Almost a Bride – In this comedy starring Shirley Temple as Corliss a teenager who has an infatuation with Kenneth, whom she tells her friends that he is her boyfriend.  Eventually, everyone in town has heard this story.

Bride Flight – A drama from the Netherlands, where three brides from different backgrounds meet on a long flight to New Zealand.  Marjorie, Ada, and Ester are leaving the gloom of Holland after World War II, to start a new life with their husbands who are already settled in Christchurch. 

Marriage Italian Style – A comedy starring Sophia Loren as Filumena, a prostitute, and Domenico, a businessman who decided to keep her as his mistress.  When he decides to marry someone else Filumena is furious and resorts to wild and funny antics to win him back.