When Beatrix Potter was creating Peter Rabbit, she insisted the books be printed small, for her readers will be children and books should fit their small hands. With this blog post, you too can learn how to create your own miniature book!

  • Paper

  • Tape

  • Glue Stick

  • Scissors

  • Cardboard (optional)

Step One: Fold paper into fourths, lengthwise and widthwise.

Step Two: Cut the paper to the third block on every level. Lines drawn for better view.

Step Three: Fold paper like an accordion.

Step four: Tape the spine. Once done, you can either cut the pages that are still connected, or glue them together. (At this point you’re basically done. But if you want to make your DIY a little more fancy, proceed to step five).

Step Five: For your cover, cut out two pieces of cardboard. You can measure with a ruler, but I chose to simply place my book over it and cut from there.

Step Six: Be sure to cut a piece of paper to cover your spine before gluing on cardboard.

Step Seven: Glue on your cardboard, then cover with colorful paper.

Viola! Decorate with anything you like! And now you have a cute, miniature book!