Have you ever wished you could be something else? Then you’re just like the flowers in “Ten Magic Butterflies” by Danica McKeller!  And with the help of a friendly fairy, their wish comes true! Will they stay butterflies forever, or remember what they loved about being flowers? Watch the video of the story (read by the author) and then scroll down to find some fun things to do that don’t require magic, just imagination and things around your house!

  1. In the story, the 10 flowers wish to become 10 butterflies. You might be able to find both of those things in the backyard! What are some other things you might find in your backyard? See if you can make a list of 10 things! Do you always see those things, or does it change throughout the year? You can even draw a picture of your observations!
  2. The fairy uses her magic to grant the wish of the flowers, turning them into butterflies. If you could change into something else for a day, what would it be? Draw a picture of your transformed self!
  3. In the end, the flowers realize that while being a butterfly is fun, it’s much better to be themselves! Turn over your transformation picture, and on the back, draw a picture of your regular self. Then, around the picture, make a list of things you like about yourself, or that you’re good at!
  4. At the end of the story, the author reminds us that all kinds of things come in numbers. Maybe you see 12 eggs!  Maybe you had 4 cookies with your lunch! Look around your house or yard and see how many you can find!
  5. Butterflies have different patterns on their wings. Sometimes it’s shapes and sometimes it’s colors! Look around your house and see how many different patterns you can find! If you can’t find any, see if you can make your own!

Butterflies come in all shapes and sizes! Their wings can be one color, or many colors, and they can be different shapes, with different designs too!  Our craft for this story, courtesy of Fireflies and Mudpies, will let you design your own butterfly! Maybe you’ll make one like you’d find in your backyard, or maybe you’ll make a magical one like the ones in the story!