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What Makes a Bird Different Than Other Animals

  • Birds are the only warm blooded animal that has feathers

  • They have wings

  • They lay eggs

  • They have hollow bones


  • Feathers are made up of keratin like our fingernails

  • There is a hollow shaft at the center of each feather

  • On either side of the shaft are thin branches called barbs

  • All of these things put together make for a light structure that allows the bird to fly

Taking Flight

  • Birds fly by flapping their wings and using the air pressure under their wings to lift off.

  • One of the fastest birds is the Peregrine Falcon who can reach speeds of over 100 mph.

  • But do all birds fly?

Not All Birds Fly

  • Despite having wings not all birds fly

  • The Ostrich and Emu are two of the largest birds and they run on land 

  • The penguin has wings and can’t fly at all but is a really good swimmer

  • The Kiwi is a smaller flightless bird that lives in New Zealand

Where do birds live?

  • Some birds live near water

  • Some birds live in a hole in a tree trunk

  • Others build intricate nests

  • Some even live in birdhouses that we put up in our yards

What Do Birds Eat?

  • The smaller birds that you see on your feeder eat seeds and berries 

  • Others eat bugs and worms

  • Birds like eagles and pelicans eat fish

  • Hawks and other birds like falcons and owls may eat smaller birds and rodents

  • Some birds like vultures eat dead animals

  • Hummingbirds like nectar from flowers or a hummingbird feeder

Birds that are kept as pets

  • Parakeets

  • Chickens

  • Ducks (some breeds)

  • Cockatiels