Welcome to Gardening with Ms. Kate! In this video, we will be learning how to repot a succulent, Ophelia the aloe!

Things you will need when owning houseplants: water, sun, and extra pots. Why extra pots? As time goes on, your plant will start to grow and so will its roots. The roots will gradually run out of room, this can cause harm and even death to your plant. By changing your plant to a new and spacious pot it will grow healthy and strong! 

Today we will be repotting Ophelia the aloe. She has been through about three pots over the two years I have had her and now she is on to move to the next best thing! 

The first thing I do is to make a little foundation in the new pot as a base. Next is the troublesome part… trying to get your plant out of the old planter. This can be quite messy, no matter how you do it. In this case, I held Ophelia at her base and slowly moved her out. (Do not rush this part to avoid damage to the plant). Gradually, she came out of the pot and was all set for her new home. I then seal her in by tucking soil around Ophelia, covering up her base little by little. This is a messy portion of the process too, especially when dealing with aloes. Dirt gets in the way of her leaves and gets everywhere. Take your time and focus on the task at hand. You are almost done!

Once the soil is even around your plant pat it down to make it secure. Now all you have to do is water and you are all set! 

I would like to finish our session by saying you are doing great with your plants.  It is a learning experience and every plant is different in their own way, just like us! You guys are doing great!

Have a great day and stay safe!

💓 Ms. Kate