Spring has come and soon Summer will too. The days are getting longer and the sun is getting hotter! Be sure to cool down by creating your own paper fans! This simple DIY project is fun, easy, and will keep you cool! For extra inspiration on the paper fan, go to Creativebug.

  • (2) Pieces of Paper

  • Glue/Tape

  • Chopsticks/Popsicle Sticks

  • Floss

Step one:
If you wish to decorate your fan, this is the stage to do it.
Fold both pieces of paper like an accordion. Easiest way to fold is half, then into ¼, then ⅛, then 1/16.

Step two:
Glue/tape both pieces together at one end.

Step three:
Squish your paper accordion together and then fold in half.

Step four:
Use floss to wrap around the crease.

Step five:
Glue/tape the paper edges next to the floss together.

Step six:
Attach your sticks to the outside of the fold. Popsicle sticks work best with the flat edge, but chopsticks have the length. Depends what works best with you.

Flip open and voila! It’s ready to go! Small, easy to use, and it legit works!