Create a memorable greeting card by making it pop up!


  • Sheet of White Cardstock

  • Scissors

  • School Glue

  • Stickers or Embellishments to Make “Pop Up”

  • Markers/Pens to Decorate Your Card

Step One: Cut your sheet of white cardstock in half.  Then fold it to make the interior of your card.

Step Two: In the center of your card, on the crease, cut two slits about 1.5 cm apart.  The distance between the slits may vary depending on what you will place inside the card to pop up.

Step Three: On each side, repeat.  You will have six slits total.

Step Four: Press the paper between the slits inside the card.  You are essentially creating a sort of tab on which to glue your embellishments that will pop up when the card is opened.

Step Five: If you find that your tab is not large enough to hold your embellishments, simply unfold the tab and make the slit cuts longer.

Step Six: Glue your embellishments on the tabs inside the card.  In this example, quilled paper flowers were glued on to the tabs, but you can use anything you like.

Step Seven: You can, if you wish, also decorate the card area behind the pop-up tabs.

Step Eight: The outside of your card now has holes in it.  Glue another piece of paper or cardstock overtop.  Then decorate the front of your card.

Step Nine: Write your message inside and deliver!