Hello, fellow doodlers! We are excited to share with you this new and awesome tool called a 3Doodler Pen! We know we all love to doodle, but being able to doodle and then pick the actual object up, that’s new! Here at the Potomac Branch, we have these pens available for you to come to create your own unique designs. 

3D pens can create 3D or 2D objects. The use of these pens is being expanded and experimented with by people in so many ways. Stephanie Santos uses these pens to create wearable nature-inspired designs. Go check out what she’s been able to make here. Erica Gray has been creating fine art and fashion, which you can check out here. Grace du Prez has taken 3Doodling to a whole new level by enlisting a team to Doodle a life-size car! Check out the finished product here

Check out what we, at the library, have created so far! 

To use the 3Doodler pens, come visit the Potomac Branch and ask a librarian for the pen to begin making your design. You can also visit the 3Doodler website to view stencils and tutorials. Come in and see what you can create!