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Obtaining a Library Card

Download a Library Card Registration Form [PDF]

You must print out this form and bring it to the library with valid ID. If renewing a card for a child, child must be present at time of renewal. Please read through the directions below before completing the form. You may also register for a temporary card online, You will be issued a temporary card and will have 30 days to visit your local library to pick up your permanent card. Please bring a valid ID/proof of address.

A library card is a privilege. Library cards are free to those who live or work in Maryland. There is a $10.00 annual fee for others. A photo ID with your name and current mailing address is required for verification. A parent or legal guardian must accompany and sign for applicants under age 16. Library records are confidential.

The borrower/guardian is responsible for the card's security and condition, any material that is checked out on the card, and for any charges incurred.

Please notify the library of any name, phone number or address change, and report lost or stolen cards immediately. Replacement cards are available at a cost of $5.00 each plus any charges on the account.

A valid library card (one with less than $10.00 in charges) is required to check out, renew, or request library materials. Your library card can be used in any public library in Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary's counties. Loan policies and rules may vary for each county.

Library Cards for Minors

We issue cards to a minor on the request and consent of the parent or legal guardian. Although the consenting parent or legal guardian is asked to sign the application and the card, the card is registered in the child's name and is considered to be that child's card by the library. What you should know about the use of this child's card:

Requesting Items Online Using Your Library Card

To request an item online:

Personal Identification Numbers -- Your PIN

Your PIN is a Personal Identification Number attached to your library account. Every library card also has a PIN that goes with it. The PIN is almost always a four-digit number. You may have chosen this number or it may have been randomly assigned to you. If you don't know your PIN, try entering the word "CHANGE" in all capital letters. This is often a default if you don't remember creating a PIN.

Changing Your PIN:

There are two ways to change your PIN. First, you can come to the library with your library card and a valid photo ID and ask us to change your PIN. From home, you can select "Check Your Account" on our homepage, enter your account numbers, click "Display User Information", and then click "My Account." From there, select "User PIN Change" and follow the instructions.

Donating books to the Library

Materials must be in good condition. Due to storage constraints we cannot accept the following:

Old, unusable material may be taken to the Charles County Landfill at 12305 Billingsley Road East, Monday-Saturday 7 a.m-5 p.m.