Yoga is good for the body and the spirit! Join us for our virtual Gentle Yoga class on the first Wednesday of the month now through June. This class is presented via Zoom by an instructor from Live Out Loud Yoga Studio in La Plata. You can sign up here: Charles County Public Library – Engage, Discover & Learn by scrolling down and clicking on “View All Events”.

Here are a few of the benefits of Yoga from the MedlinePlus website:

  • Reduces stress and helps you relax.

  • Helps lower blood pressure.

  • Helps you sleep better.

  • Aids with digestion.

  • Helps with concentration and coordination.

  • Helps improve your self-confidence.

The Library has many resources on yoga, too!  Here are a few:

From Hoopla:

Yoga by Navodita Pande-Bhargava

The book deals with different aspects of life and is a treatise on lifestyle, living and fitness – emotional, physical, spiritual and holistic. The book has chapters on female and male anatomy, Chakras, traditional Yoga diet, relationships and a special feature on how to integrate all of these within one’s life in order to achieve life’s goals. The book has about ten images to show the main Asanas invented and founded by the author who is a veteran Yoga practitioner and trainer. The book is a guide and helpful tool for young amateur Yoga practitioners and for athletes and sportspersons, alike. Some easy-to-do asanas have been discussed with their strong therapeutic value and utility for the readers.

From Kanopy:

From our online catalog:

Yoga to Stay Young by Rachel Scott (book)

Here’s wishing you good health and inner peace!