Tell Us Why You Donated

Because you provide me with so many hours of enjoyment.


It’s a valuable resource.


Libraries are critical for education.


We love you guys! We use the La Plata branch and everyone is helpful and friendly. Donnie makes great recommendations.

~Trey & Courtney

Tomika does an amazing job with the just wreathing class so I have to donate because she’s awesome!


Love for reading and sharing that passion.


I decided to help out


I use the computers every day. Charlie and Natalia are very helpful!


The children will find the books enjoyable.

~Beverly Baker

I believe in kids getting books young.


Libraries are critical for education.


About to enjoy Norse mythology presentation!


Thank You, I and my boys are enjoying spending time there and discovering.


I grew up on Middleton Rd, before it was Middletown Rd, and used to get on the bookmobile with mysiblings. I can’t imagine life without the library and wanted to put my money where my mouth is.


The La Plata branch has been a big part of my life. When my daughter was young, we would take walks to the library together as part of our daddy/daughter time and now even though she has grown up, just recently we visited while she was home from college. I’m very appreciative of the library.


As a child the library was my world. I use the Hoopla app regularly. During the lockdown my password expired! I came to the library called from the parking lot for a reset.

~Shelia M.

We would be lost without our library. We are both retired, and we get so much enjoyment from reading our library books. When the library closed during the shutdown, we were losing our minds. We re-read every book in this house. When the library re-opened with curbside pickup, it saved us. We really appreciate all that you guys did in order to keep our county libraries up and running. God has blessed us in so many ways, and it brings us much joy to be able to give to causes that are important to us. We previously made a donation to the Imagination Library, which is a program I really support. I am also interested in the “My Fresh Start: Free Showers” program, and I am so appreciative to CCPL for partnering with Lifestyles for addressing this basic need, and for making this program available to people who need it. Thanks for all that you guys do to serve our community. Best wishes.

~Nancy and Rob C.

Libraries are very important to the community, as a resource, a community meeting place, a media center, and above all a place that provides access to literature, to books for research and learning. They are very important institutions that are being attacked by a small group of narrow-minded people and need to be protected for future generations.


I think the public library is important to the community as a place for everyone to participate in reading, community activities and the ability to have technology resources available.


Libraries hold knowledge and opportunities at your fingertips. I have got to travel places I read about and advanced in my career because of libraries growing up. Never lose the thirst for adventure.


CCPL is amazing! We enjoy our library adventures and the programs they put on.


Our Charles County MD libraries are such a valuable community resource. They are continually developing new ways to serve and inform our community and offer something for everybody.


Loved improv comedy show!!


I feel libraries are extremely important parts of the community


I have because I give, I give because I have, therefore I am never without 💚🤍💚

~Jehnell & Jerome L.

We value the important contribution libraries make to our communities.

~Joe & Erica

The staff at P.D. Brown Memorial Branch is amazing. Very helpful, professional, patient, and courteous. My favorite person because she is my son’s favorite person is the member who does StoryTime at 10am. I believe she is a teacher. She is a special person. Gifted in many ways with people and children. She still asks about my son by his name even though it has been months now since he has been to the library. Please tell her King says Hi 🙂


I really appreciate libraries, especially the ones in Charles County. As President of the Charles County Literacy Council, I know that we are very grateful for the help we receive from several librarians, particularly Bill Stea, who is a Board Member and DauVeen Walker, who serves as our Library liaison. We are also extremely grateful to be able to use the tutoring rooms available at the Waldorf West library. Many of our tutors (including myself) use them often when working with our adult learners. I suspect that we account for a great number of the reservations for those rooms. Thank you to the Charles County Public Libraries!


I have been using the Charles County library system since I began school in 1959. I lived in Bryans Road and loved to see the bookmobile on my street when I was young. I have continued throughout my life to use the public library, except for brief breaks in reading, and during COVID. Thank you to the Charles County Public Libraries for enriching my life beyond measure.


Thanks for all the ways CCPL enhances our community.


Thanks for being there!


Love Tomika’s crafting program! She’s amazing! We also love Saturday story times!


I like to support the library.


I like the programs the library provides.


Member of C4CCPL, frequent user of the Library


You are a blessing to the community.


I truly appreciate the library and its staff who are always so helpful.


I love this library!