A New Chapter

As we begin to close the book on another year, the library is entering a new chapter of its own. With a new look and logo, also comes a new website and new opportunity to engage our community. Welcome to the New CCPL!

Our rebrand represents everything a 21st century public library is all about: transformation, connection, access, innovation, and community.  A rebrand is not simply a new logo or a new website, it is meant to serve as a visual representation of the evolution that the library is making as an organization so we are not only seen as a repository for books, but as a place to find answers and access to unique resources, a valuable community benefit and gathering place, a modern organization, as well as an asset that adds to the quality of life in Charles County.

Our new logo embodies the spirit of energy, connection, and collaboration that the public library represents. The font, being informal and fluid, demonstrates the idea of accessibility, adaptability and dynamism. Overlapping letters give a sense of connection and collaboration while the ending parts of the letters all flow in an upward direction, demonstrating movement. The bottom of the “L” morphs into the pages of a book, which represents knowledge and openness. The rich, varied colors speak to the diversity of our customers, community and stakeholders.

Our new website provides the perfect opportunity to reinforce these ideals. With the new streamlined look and feel, the site is easier to navigate and access information about our programs and services. The new site delivers an upgraded customer experience, while also connecting the Charles County community with another place to find answers. Our goal with the new site was to continue to be that connector, while also showcasing all of the other amazing resources the library has to offer and that we are willing to do what it takes to make sure our community has access.

I encourage you to take the opportunity to explore the New CCPL and our new website. The rebrand and website were designed with our diverse community and customers in mind so you would be able to learn about the library, our services, and programs while experiencing an exceptional level of service while outside of our library doors.

As we move forward with our vision to be the trusted source for connecting everyone to endless possibilities, the new logo will be the symbol of our transformation. We welcome you to let us know what you think—stop by one of our branches or reach out to us on social media. Your comments, questions and feedback are important to us and help to let us know we are moving in the right direction.