Kanopy is a library approved streaming service where you can watch movies and documentaries. These are some incredible themed movies that work watching back to back with each other that you may have never heard of before!

Twilight Zone themed movies: Detour and Things To Come

These movies feel very much like 2 hour long Twilight Zone episodes that were finally uncovered after missing for decades. Detour is about a man hitchhiking across the country when suddenly the most unlikely of events unfold trapping him into a domino effect of unbelievable misfortunes with a woman controlling him for her benefit. H.G. Wells’ Things to Come is the prediction of a war raging for decades and science struggling to survive in a world of ignorance. The movie inspired the video game franchise of Fallout.

Animated Films: Secret of the Kells and A Cat in Paris

Secret of the Kells is based on a medieval monastery through the eyes of a child monk learning the dangers and magic of the world. A Cat in Paris is the intertwining fates by a free cat sharing owners between a thief and the child of a police officer which leads to dangerous mobsters trying to harm both people and stealing priceless jewelry.

Horror Movies: Carnival of Souls and Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead is the the first true zombie film, taking place on a farm with a team of unstable and ready to explode set of survivors trying to survive the night.Carnival of the lost Souls is about a woman who miraculously survives a car accident but becomes haunted by the ghosts for having a near death experience.

Movies from last Year you missed: The Farewell and Last Black Man in San Francisco

The Farewell is the autobiography of a family visiting the matriarch before she dies, but due to the culture they aren’t allowed to tell the Grandmother that she is dying. The Last Black Man in San Francisco is about the true story of Jimmie Fails who plays himself and fights to save the beautiful house his grandfather built from the wave gentrification slowly shifting in.

Romantic Comedies: Skeleton Twins and Charade

Charade is a satirical spy thriller starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant on the run from henchmen trying to steal the quarter of a million dollars from them. Twins both cheat death on the same day and reconnect helping each other through their complicated love lives in Skeleton Twins.


Documentaries: Endless Summer and Loving Vincent: The Impossible Dream

In the Endless Summer two surfers in the 1960’s search across the globe for the perfect wave, finding some places that never heard of surfing. Loving Vincent: The Impossible Dream is the 10 year long journey of painting cell by cell and creating the most ambitious animated feature ever created.

Female Directors:We Need to Talk About Kevin and The Fits

A young girl joins a dance team as the team experiences fainting spells and push themselves to the limit in The Fits. We Need to Talk About Kevin is a dark and disturbing thriller were a mother notices her son is growing to become psychotic.

Oscar winning features:Moonlight and Lady Bird 

Moonlight follows a young man being beat down through his life divided in 3 segments about being gay and growing up in poverty. A teenage daughter and her mother go to fight and accept each other’s differences in the award-winning, Lady Bird.

Military Movies: All Quiet on the Western Front and Eye in the Sky

Young German men excitedly embrace war without realizing how horrible war is until too late in the classic film, All Quiet on the Western Front. Eye in the Sky is based on the modern era of war with drones and the moral argument of action done by a button with Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman’s final performance.

Sci-fi movies: War of the Worlds and Donnie Darko

Jake Gyllenhaal’s most iconic role is Donnie Darko who’s life seems to be uncontrollably spiraling out of control around him as strange events unfold around him by a man in a rabbit suit. War of the Worlds is one of the most famous and infamous stories ever told. The martians begin to attack the earth first in a sleepy town and spread across the world annihilating everything in their path.