Looking for ways to save some cash? It’s no secret that your library card holds a lot of value! Of course, using your library card is a great way to save on buying books, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Below we’ll explore eight ideas to help save $841.02 a year! This list isn’t exhaustive and doesn’t include any of the library’s fabulous programs, which can be found here

How has your library card brought you value? Please feel free to reach out and let us know, as we’d love to hear your stories!

And now, the list!

  • 1

    Audiobooks. Do you love to listen to audiobooks at home, while commuting, and anywhere else? So do we! The library offers FREE digital audiobooks via Libby and Hoopla. Libby has many brand-new bestselling titles, and Hoopla is an excellent option for instantly available audiobooks without the wait. Click to learn more about Libby and Hoopla. Total savings are based on the cost of a popular audiobook subscription service. Total savings: $179.40/year.

  • 2

    Consumer Reports. Did you know that your library card comes with free access to Consumer Reports online? The total savings listed reflects the purchase price of an individual digital subscription, but Consumer Reports has the built-in value of helping us find quality products to purchase and avoid buying lemons! Click here to access Consumer Reports online. Total savings: $39/year.

  • 3

    CreativeBug. No need to purchase an individual CreativeBug subscription. Your library has it covered! Access countless hours of crafting inspiration, tutorials, patterns, and more. Click here to get started with CreativeBug. Total savings: $71.40/year.

  • 4

    LinkedIn Learning. Your library card provides complimentary access to LinkedIn Learning with Lynda content. No need to purchase a subscription to access thousands of online courses to learn in-demand skills from real-world industry experts! Click here to access LinkedIn Learning. Total savings: $239.88/year.

  • 5

    Magazines. Does the library carry any digital magazines you currently subscribe to? Have you checked recently? The Libby App contains thousands of instantly available magazines with no checkout limit. The most popular magazines on Libby are currently Woman’s World, Us Weekly, and Good Housekeeping, which have an average subscription cost of $43.70 each per year. Click here to discover the full title list of Libby’s magazines. Total savings: $43.70/year.

  • 6

    Movies. Movie night is on us! So many streaming services have specific content, but more and more of it is becoming exclusive to proprietary platforms. So while dropping a streaming service may or may not make sense for you, anyone can definitely save by finding a few movies to rent each month on Kanopy or Hoopla. The total cost calculated factors in only two movie rentals a month at a $3.99 savings each movie, but Kanopy allows for six monthly checkouts and Hoopla for ten monthly checkouts, so the savings potential is higher than listed! Click to learn more about Kanopy and Hoopla. Total savings: $95.76/year.

  • 7

    Music. The library offers two platforms with ad-free music, Freegal, and Hoopla. Freegal has the added advantage of being able to download three songs a week to keep forever, and Hoopla complements Freegal in offering additional artists and songs. Freegal Music can be curated into playlists and shared with the library. Click to discover Freegal and Hoopla. Total savings are based on the cost of a popular music streaming subscription service. Total Savings: $131.88/year.

  • 8

    Washington Post. Get a free Washington Post digital subscription courtesy of the library. Click here to learn more. Total savings: $40/year.

Grand Total Potential Savings: $841.02/year.

These are just the start of all the ways that you can save by using the Charles County Public Library! Discover these platforms and many more digital services, available 24/7/365 at https://www.ccplonline.org.