It’s summertime and that means wedding season! For a creative bridal shower gift, consider a DIY kitchen themed wreath decorated with cookie cutters that the bride-to-be can hang in her kitchen. This can also be given as a birthday gift to a friend who enjoys baking or you can create one to decorate your own kitchen. It’s a fun, simple and creative craft for adults and teens, that is sure to add a beautiful and homey touch to any kitchen, and maybe even serve as a fun inspiration to bake some delicious cookies.


  • 18″ – 24″ grapevine wreath (I purchased my wreath from Michaels)

  • Assorted cookie cutters (I used a Wilton 30 piece cookie cutter set from Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • Colorful ribbon, twine, raffia or string (I used ⅜ in x 10 yards ribbon from Michaels, and red raffia I already had – but can also be found in a craft store – to tie on the cookie cutters).

  • Scissors 

  • Wooden Spoons (optional)

  • Recipe card (optional)


Here’s how I assembled my cookie cutter wreath. For my craft, I used an 18″ grapevine wreath. Start by choosing the cookie cutter shapes that you’d like to include on your wreath. Assemble them around the wreath in a decorative fashion, so you can envision the finished project. Then cut lengths of ribbon or raffia about 10-12 inches (or long enough to loop through the wreath then up around the cookie cutter, to secure the cookie cutter, and finish with a small bow…I used 2 lengths of raffia for each cookie cutter). Secure the cookie cutters in this fashion all around the wreath. The wreath can be displayed simply as wall decor, or the baker may choose to untie (or cut) the ribbon when a cookie cutter is needed for a baking project. I also crossed two wooden spoons and tied them together with a colorful gingham ribbon (securing them with a long length of ribbon from the front to the back and then crossed and brought back to the front of the spoons and tied with a bow).  I then secured the spoons to the wreath with string woven up through the wreath and tied to the back of the ribbon holding the spoons together. Lastly, I found a recipe for easy sugar cookies and printed out a recipe card, glued some decorative ribbon around the card, and through a hole at the top the card, tied it to the top of the wreath with more ribbon, so that it hung down in the center of the wreath, below the spoons.

(Front view, ribbon and string knotted)

(Back view, ribbon and string knotted)

(Detailed views of cookie cutter shapes arranged on wreath, prior to being secured on)

(My craft assistant, Gracie)

For a child-themed wreath, consider using colorful match box cars, or the small ballerinas or zoo animals used to decorate cakes.  For more inspiring crafting ideas, please visit CCPL’s newest free crafting database, Creativebug.