You’d love to visit France or perhaps Spain, Italy or even Korea, but one of the thoughts passing through your mind is, “What do I say when I need to use the bathroom?” Sure, there are probably lots of helpful native language speakers who would help you, but what if, just what if there wasn’t.

Well wonder no more. Mango Languages has you covered. Now offered with your CCPL library card, Mango Languages offers over 70 language courses for the taking. Languages include French, Spanish, Italian and Korean to name just a few. There are even specialty courses where you can learn about subjects specific to your desires including the culture of the place you’d like to visit.

Mango Languages can be accessed on both PC devices as well as Mac devices. There’s even an app for you to learn your second or third language on the go. 

Using conversational speech, Mango’s “instructor” guides you as you listen to a phrase and then gives you the opportunity to repeat the phrase you’ve just heard. There is lots of repetition and even a repeat option to make sure you’ve got it and make sure that you can get comfortable hearing and saying the words. The app even uses color coding by using the same color for the word being learned to match the color of the word in your native language. You advance to the next screen at your own pace. To help with memorization and review, there is a Daily Review available for you to do or skip.  

Languages are divided into units which have a number of lessons in each chapter. There are even specialty units that, according to the site, are not as long as the regular lessons and they focus on specific topics or situations.

So now that you have a second language tutor at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Go to and under the Research and Learning tab click Language Learning and let your adventure begin.

And when in France when you need to know where the potty is  just say, “ou sont les toilettes?”