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Donald H. Wood, Ph. D

Seven Dimensions of Human Endeavors: Quotes, Acronyms, and Words of Wisdom to Live by from a Christian Perspective


Through quotes, acronyms, and words of wisdom, the seven dimensions of human endeavors address the key challenges that we all face on a daily basis. If we want to live wisely, we must learn to function successfully in each of the seven dimensions of human endeavors, which include the spiritual, physical, nutritional, social, emotional, intellectual, and the financial.

Although these seven dimensions of human endeavors are listed separately, they function synergistically together. Each one is directly dependent and affects the other. This book is not only chock full of inspiring quotes, acronyms, and words of wisdom from a Christian perspective but it also contains useful information and life lessons for anybody who aspires to maximize their efforts in each of the seven dimensions of human endeavors.

Dr. Donald H. Wood, Ph.D, a former adjunct assistant professor at the Universities of Maryland and the District of Columbia, has completed his new book, “Seven Dimensions of Human Endeavors”: a riveting narrative of invigorating perspectives that tackle themes of the body, mind, and spirit that ultimately brings fulfillment and success to a person.