Celebrate NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) with the Charles County Public Library this year by checking out some of our local authors, as part of our Local Author Virtual Showcase! All of the authors showcased in this series responded to a call for submissions we placed over this summer, to highlight their work throughout the month of November. At CCPL we value the contributions our local authors make in sharing their knowledge and passion with our community.  Make sure to check out our Local Author’s collection located at the Waldorf West Library. 

Mildred M. Stokes

I Can Hear You Better With My Glasses On! 


When many prefer to stay in the box neatly tucked away, Mildred chooses to think out, and out loud. I Can Hear You Better With My Glasses On! is a poetic roller coaster ride across a tapestry of jewel findings. Take in the surroundings and discover what the author found was simply too exhilarating to keep to herself. Treasures will bring laughter when it’s needed and pause when you have to.

Get ready to explore–aspiring poets, writers, and everyday discerning folk–you who are simply up and ready for something refreshing. Imaginative, creatively expressed, clean spoken entertainment has unfolded. And you’re invited, guests of honor!

Romancing the Beautiful Divine, A Joy Embrace Story Devotional 

Get comfy and prepare to take a healing and inspirational journal–one that will take you over life’s hurdles and bless you jubilantly along the way! Romancing the Beautiful Divine is a passionate and thought-provoking story devotional designed to help you uncover the abundance of self-worth God has for you, and the courage you will need to run the distance with it.

If you’re hungering for insight and healing–seeking confirmation that there is a destiny calling set in place for you–this devotional will move you through the uncertainties and self-doubts that can linger and hold you captive. This collection of pivotal life moments and spiritual insights will empower and refresh you in the glory of God’s favor and loving embrace. Each chapter ends with an engaging challenge and prayerful reflection.

No stranger to writing, Stokes’ first book, “Romancing the Beautiful Divine”, is a story devotional that includes meditation challenges and a prayer blessing at the end of each chapter. Stokes is a retired educator and is currently the Director of the Health and Wellness Ministry at Calvary Gospel Church in Waldorf, MD. As Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and health promoter, Stokes’ passion to advance nutritional health and complete wellness in communities is underway. “Writing has been a regular part of my work life journey,” she says, “and creative poetry accompanies along that continuum of health to wealth informative writing and entertainment expressions.”