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Lisa Michelle

Stages of Life: Overcoming Pain, Preparing for Purpose


The poems that are within this book span across the stages of my life over the past 25 years. Though I have been writing since I was a very young child, within this collection, I have shared my journey as a woman, in my moments of defeat, in the pain of enduring life’s challenges and temptation, and in the joys of believing and standing on God’s truth, even when the stages of life dramatically changed. Such trials have truly made me the woman that I am, even as God still prunes me. As I open my heart, my hope would be that my words and experiences, in some way, provide comfort, encouragement, healing, or even revelation and the realization that none of us is ever alone in our walk and to everything there is a season. As you walk through each stage of life, whatever they may be, know that your heavenly Father will never leave you nor forsake you. We must learn to trust God even in the hardest of times and know that He is able to get the glory out of any situation. I pray that you will always fight the good fight of faith and hold on to Jesus Christ through all the stages of your life.