Have you been daydreaming about what your life would be like if you worked from home? You are not alone! In May 2021, a survey was conducted at 45 elite companies, such as: Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. This survey asked if employees would like to continue to work from home permanently or receive a $30K raise per year. Guess what 64% of the employees chose?  If you said work from home, then you are correct! Numerous remote work studies have reported an improved working experience for both employee and employer. 

So, are you wondering what jobs are going to get you out of the office?  You can find remote work in fields, such as: IT, Psychology, Business, Finance, Science, and Health.  If you have been thinking about getting your Master’s degree or finishing another Bachelor’s degree then make sure you skim over “Twenty Best Jobs for Remote Workers” for inspiration.  The income  for these jobs range from $46K to $146K a year and it is worth noting that these jobs prior to the pandemic had very low unemployment rates. 

  • Have you ever heard of a UX designer? They help companies solve problems based on the customer and their experience. UX is short for User Experience. If you like to solve problems, conduct research, and make digital visual presentations, then this might be a remote job worth exploring.

  • Did you know that the average national pay for a Salesforce administrator is $80K? A Salesforce administrator is knowledgeable about how to utilize the salesforce platform in order to meet the goals of the company. In order to become a salesforce administrator, it is helpful if you have a business, marketing, or IT related degree and you will also need to pass an exam in order to become certified.

Explore our LinkedIn Learning online resource for free with your library card and discover over 200 learning paths where you can earn a certificate for completing introductory technology courses. You will find courses, learning paths, or certification preps here for the following jobs: UX design, Salesforce Administrator, web designer, and graphic designer. You can also learn the basics of cloud computing, IT help desk, security, data science, software development, web and mobile development.  

Next, let’s take a look at remote jobs that pay over $40K and no formal education is needed.  Keep in mind that they may require a special licensure/certificate or portfolio. 

  • Are you creative and do you like to write, edit, and know what digital information appeals to customers?  You may want to learn more about becoming a content manager.

  • Do you love to exercise and want to teach others how they can become fit? Learn how to become a certified personal trainer here and offer virtual sessions. 

  • Are you currently answering phone calls, organizing emails, and providing customer support? Look no further and read about becoming a virtual assistant here

  • Another remote job to consider is an insurance agent. Complete a pre licensing course that has been approved by the Department of Insurance and then prepare to take your state licensing exam. Look for insurance agent jobs that are hiring trainees and job listings for major insurance companies and investigate their websites for more information on how to become an insurance agent.  

Do you have very little experience and want to find a company that is more likely to hire entry level employees? Here is a list of some remote industries where you need little to none experience: Customer service, sales, data entry, transcription, recruiting and digital marketing.  If you have no specific job skill set, sales and recruitment might be a good place to start looking, since these companies are more likely to hire entry level workers who they can train on the job.  

Where should you go online to look for remote job postings? Try FlexJobs or any other popular job search engine like Monster, Indeed, or GlassDoo,r and make sure you search using keywords, such as: remote, work from home, work at home, virtual, telecommute, partial remote, cyber commute, and home-based. To get you started here is a link from FlexJobs where you can explore over 50+ careers with current remote job listings. Also, please make sure to research the job posting thoroughly and read this to avoid remote job scams. If the job posting is asking for your personal information, promises to pay a lot of money for little work, or asking for upfront expenses, these are red flags and do not apply.

This blog post is meant to be an introduction to a few industries and jobs that offer remote work and is not all inclusive. However, the point of this post was to get you excited about the possibilities of future careers in this new world of remote work! 

Good luck!