Do you miss sports? If so, catch up on them with CCPL’s recommendations for some great Sport books from Hoopla. These publications were chosen for their quality of content and accessibility in digital format – so you do not have to leave home to enjoy these great reads!

Wrigley Field by Dan Campana, Rob Carroll, Kerry Wood

100 Stories for 100 Years

Part of the Sports series

Charge through the turnstiles of this collection of personal stories about baseball’s greatest ballpark and the sacred space it occupies in the hearts of Cubs fans and the soul of Wrigleyville. With contributors like Bob Costas, Rick Sutcliffe and Steve Stone, this informal oral history salutes the legacy that has made Wrigley such an unforgettable part of baseball and Chicago for the last century. These one hundred stories reflect the variety of millions of Cubs fans around the world, from those whose relationship with the Friendly Confines has lasted a lifetime to those who are taking their seats up close to the ivy for the very first time.

Men’s Lacrosse In Maryland by Tom Flynn

The Pride of the Old Line State

Part of the Sports series

Spring in Maryland means one thing: lacrosse. As much a part of the state as crab cakes and the Chesapeake Bay, lacrosse is king at every level, from youth rec and club to high school, college, and the pros. Since the state first fielded teams in the 1870s, Marylanders have played with a unique combination of finesse, speed and passion. The ‘Maryland style’ of play built a long line of national powerhouses at all levels. With extensive research and dozens of photographs, journalist Tom Flynn traces the long history of the sport in Maryland from its Native American roots to its first arrival in the state and on to the modern highlights. Fans will rediscover their many past champions and gain a glimpse of teams that promise to elevate the sport’s status as the pride of the Old Line State.

Hunting And Fishing The Chesapeake by C. l. Marshall

Unforgettable Tales of Wing and Water

Part of the Sports series

Fish and fowl make their way to the Chesapeake Bay with the changing seasons, and sportsmen yearn for the hunt. Whether on the wing or water, stories of the chase are integral to life on the Eastern Shore. Thousands of fishermen turn out for the annual White Marlin Open, but not every boat comes close to winning the tournament’s big money. Dedicated hunters brave the Bay on a cold January day to hunt waterfowl on the Pocomoke Sound. Only the most committed fishermen launch a brand-new boat from Saxis Island in the teeth of a summer storm. Join author C.L. Marshall as he weaves humorous and harrowing tales of the sporting life on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake.

The SIS Football Rookie Handbook 2019 by Sports Info Solutions

Comprehensive Scouting and Analysis Guide

One of the biggest factors in football is the large number of rookies who come into the NFL each year from literally hundreds of colleges and universities, where they play a relatively few games over a limited number of years before being drafted for the pros. Yet many of these young players end up in starting and even starring roles in their first year. Where are avid fans to look for real information on the rookies who may play for their team-or those of their hated rivals-in the upcoming season? The answer to that question is in your hands. Here you will find the very best updated info on over 250 players who may be drafted or signed as free agent rookies in 2019.

Boston Marathon by Paul C. Clerici

History by the Mile

Part of the Sports series

From Hopkinton to Boylston Street, the beloved 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon mark historic moments and memories dating back to 1897. Town by town and step by step, follow author, journalist, and runner Paul C. Clerici as he goes deeper into each town and city along the route with firsthand descriptions of the course from the uphill climbs to the spirited sprints. Insightful anecdotes, from the naming of Heartbreak Hill to the incorporation of women runners, reveal meaningful racing heritage along the route. This comprehensive and unique journey also explores the stories behind notable landmarks, statues, and mile markers throughout the course. Woven into the course history is expert advice on how to run each leg of the race from renowned running coach Bill Squires. Whether you’re a runner, spectator, or fan, “Boston Marathon History by the Mile” has it all.

Belmont Park by Kimberly Gatto

The Championship Track

Part of the Sports series

Belmont Park is best known for the annual Belmont Stakes, the challenging final leg of racing’s Triple Crown. But Belmont is also renowned because nearly every American champion Thoroughbred has competed on its grounds. Named for the illustrious Belmont family, the track has seen many exciting races since it opened in 1905. In addition to the eleven Triple Crown winners, Belmont Park has hosted legends of yesteryear–such as Man o’ War and Nashua–and modern-day superstars like Curlin and Rachel Alexandra. In addition to the Belmont Stakes, the track is home to other important races, including the Jockey Club Gold Cup and the “Met Mile,” and it periodically hosts the Breeder’s Cup. Join author Kimberly Gatto as she explores Belmont’s most exciting moments.

The Ultimate Book Of March Madness by Tom Hager

The Players, Games, and Cinderellas that Captivated a Nation

Every March, millions of Americans have their minds fixated on one thing: the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. From bracket pools in offices worldwide to students on campuses in all corners of the nation, “March Madness” takes the country by storm. From the “First Four” to the Final Four, collegiate heavyweights such as Duke and North Carolina, Kansas and Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan, Texas and UCLA mix it up with Cinderella underdogs such as VCU, George Mason, and Penn, reminding the world that anything is possible. The magic of the tournament and the purity of the amateur game keep fans coming back year after year. From the birth of the tournament in 1939 to the most recent on-court drama, The Ultimate Book of March Madness explores the stories-both the legendary and the forgotten-behind each year’s tournament, and author Tom Hager selects the 100 greatest games from tournament history. With insight from dozens of players and coaches, this book reveals the tension, strategy, and even the behind-the-scenes humor of the tournament’s history. Featuring a unique blend of storytelling, quotes, vintage photographs, and game descriptions, The Ultimate Book of March Madness provides the average hoops fan with a deeper understanding of the history of the Final Four, while providing true fanatics with memorable and amazing stories they’ve never heard before.

101 Fascinating Hockey Facts by Brian McFarlane

101 fascinating stories about hockey that will enlighten and delight fans.

Have you heard about the referee who was dragged back to the rink by an angry mob demanding he change the result?
Or the playoff goal that was scored with half a puck? Or the fourteen-year-old who played in a professional game?

In 101 Fascinating Hockey Facts, NHL elder statesman Brian McFarlane tells these and 98 other tales from the rink.
Hockey fans will love flipping through this collection, packed with trivia and did-you-knows, to test their knowledge and to find tidbits to share with their friends.

On The Golf Course by Dayna Steele

101 Ways to Rock Your World

Authors Dayna Steele, PGA Pro Aram Hudson and Cathy Arroyo Illustrated by Tim Griggs Offering advice for golfers of all levels to improve their game immediately, On the Golf Course: 101 Ways to Rock Your World presents a host of tips and quotes from author-turned-golfer Dayna Steele and golf experts. Filled with humorous anecdotes, illustrations, and Steele’s snappy narrative, this guide entertains as well as instructs in ways to improve a golf game. Whether it’s in a golf bag, on a desk, or by the bedside, this book provides inspiration for those addicted to the crazy game of golf. On the Golf Course: 101 Ways to Rock Your World encourages future golfers, helps build confidence in new golfers, and reminds seasoned players that golf is, above all, a game-and a fun one! Praise for On the Golf Course: 101 Ways to Rock Your World “Each year, I host the Reader Cup Golf Tournament for literacy. When Dayna started playing with us, she was awful. Now she’s moved up to mediocre! Seriously, this is a must-read for any golfer-humor, great tips, and ideas that will really change your game for the better” -Larry Dierker, Houston Astros special assistant and #49 retired; author of This Ain’t Brain Surgery and My Team “Dayna has absolutely captured a great deal of the ‘flavor’ of this great game in this book. If you have ever played the game with any degree of sincerity, the book will remind you of the exhilarating successes, beauty, and humor that only the game of golf can provide in abundance” -Hal Underwood, professional golfer and the inspiration behind the film “Tin Cup”

The Olympics, A Very Peculiar History by David Arscott

From its beginnings in Ancient Greek antiquity, right up to its arrival in Great Britain, the home of so many modern sports and favoured pastimes, the Olympic Games have always been a grand and exciting spectacle, whether you’re watching a no-holds-barred wrestling match or a mesmerising, freewheeling gymnast. ‘The Olympics, A Very Peculiar History’ gives an overview of the strange, the unbelievable and the downright bizarre events that have occurred over the many years that this esteemed competition has seen. This ebook features amazing athlete statistics, biographies and records, and well as quirky stories and fascinating facts from the world of the Olympiad.