Intergenerational friendships give different viewpoints on life.  All age groups have something to offer, whether it is knowing the cool stuff (young) or giving stellar advice (mature), these are important friendships to have.  So, get out there and stay open-minded about the people you meet because you might have things in common and make a new friend.

The Student and Mr. Henri

In this comedy, Henri does not like Valerie a woman who is dating his son Paul.  So, Henri offers freeboard to Constance, a young student, and in exchange, she will try to break up the two young lovers.

My Old Lady

Mathias inherits an apartment in Paris from his father.  However, when he goes to France to sell, he finds a tenant, Mathilde, that won’t budge and a peculiar French real estate rule has her collecting monthly payments from Mathias until her death.

My Afternoons with Margueritte

In a small French town, Germain who is considered the village idiot happens upon Margueritte one afternoon who is reading aloud.  His daily visit to listen to her read changes their lives forever.


Paulette lives in a housing project and cannot make ends meet on her pension, so she starts selling cannabis.


William has been traveling through Europe and meets a woman half his age in Copenhagen named Effy.  The attraction builds as they set out to find Williams, grandfather.  William connects to Effy like no other woman and eventually realizes he needs to grow up

This Beautiful Fantastic

An unlikely friendship forms when Bella, a budding author, must take care of her neglected garden or be evicted and while doing so meets her neighbor Alfie a horticulturalist.

Don’t Talk to Irene

Irene is suspended from school and must do community service for two weeks at a retirement home.  She persuades the seniors to audition as a cheerleading squad for a talent show.

The Butterfly

Julien goes out of town for a week of hiking and trying to find an elusive species of butterfly only to find his eight-year-old neighbor Elsa has stowed away.  At first, Julien is annoyed with Elsa but as the days go on, they start to grow close and have a grandfather-granddaughter-like relationship.