Are you a crafty person? Do you like to work on home improvement projects? We have an online collection of DIY resources that you may like! Just click here and scroll down to “Home Improvement Collection (Gale).” Here is an example of what you will find if you type “wreaths” in the search box:

  • Cooky-cutter wreaths: Just flour, salt, water, and a bit of elbow grease can produce a striking table centerpiece or a wreath to hang in a window, on a door, or on an indoor wall.

  • Anything-goes wreaths: In an artist’s hands, natural materials from the garden can form Christmas wreaths with real character.

  • Easy and Elegant Wreaths: Bold and beautiful, the wreaths of flowers, foliage and cones are easy to make.

  • Kitchen Garden Wreaths:  Edible and easy to make, they’ll last for months.

  • Celebrate Summer with Fresh Flower Wreaths:  Backyard gardeners can use their own flowers to create beautiful fresh-flower wreaths to decorate their walls and front doors.

And for a little inspiration:  here are a few photos of beautiful wreaths made by one of our library employees!