Hello, it’s Ms. Kate, and today we are not learning how to garden, at least not a garden that grows and smells nice. We are going to make a rock garden! 

Things are weird right, now right? Let’s add a splash of happiness by surprising people with painted rocks. 

The thought for this project came from Megan Murphy’s Kindness Rocks Project, whose mission is “One message at the right time can change someone’s entire day, outlook, life.” I wanted to replicate this thought especially in difficult times such as these. 

All we need is paint of any kind and rocks. 

Any rock will do! Small, flat, large, round, anything that will make you imagine what to paint on it. 

We will then need to wash our rocks first to get the dirt off. This will help our paint stick better to the surface. Then we just put it in the sun to dry it off. 

For your painting station, we will put down newspapers to make sure we don’t make a mess. Even though it will add more flare to our floor or tables, we shouldn’t forget about the rocks. 

Now, it’s onto the fun part! 

What do you want to create? What colors do you want to use? Do you want to write your name? Go ham with your rocks! I do not know what is going on with my phrases today … maybe I will make one up for my rock! 

When you are done, find the best place to put your rock on display! (Make sure you keep six feet apart when you go outside, to stay safe yourself). Let’s see your neighborhood, yard, street, porch become a colorful rock garden!

Attached, I have an Ebook, Kids’ Act of Random Kindness on Hoopla if you are interested in any other way you can cheer up your community!

Vocabulary for Video: 

In the attached video and blog, I use words that may be different, don’t worry, I can help introduce these new terms to you!

  • Dimension (n): an aspect of a given thing. It is based on the height, width, or depth of something. In the video I used depth to add some depth to the flower stems.
  • Base coat (n): The top layer of a painting. I am using a white base coat on my rock for the colors to stand out more.
  • Display (v): a sign for public use
  • Create (v): to make something.

What am I using for this project?

  • 1 Rock

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Paint Brushes


Kids’ Random Acts Of Kindness by The Editors of the Conari

Want to Feel Hopeful About the Future?
Share in inspirational stories of generosity written by children of all ages that reveal their surprisingly insightful feelings about kindness and compassion.

Look back at why the Random Acts of Kindness series was such a sensation. When the adult version of Random Acts of Kindness was first published, hundreds of teachers across the country gave assignments to their students to write about unsolicited acts that they had experienced or initiated. Teachers sent the results to Conari Press which then put out a call for similar stories in a teacher’s magazine. Stories poured in and the result was Kid’s Random Acts of Kindness. Whimsical and funny to moving and thoughtful, Kid’s Random Acts of Kindness helps restore your belief in the potential for goodness in man.