If you can’t find an item you are looking for on our online catalog, we may be able to find it for you from outside of our local system.  The Maryland State public libraries have a service called “Marina” which shows items held in all the county libraries and allows us to request them if they are available.   Marina is also available for you to search and request items!  To get to Marina:  from our ccplonline.org website click on “Services” and choose Marina from the drop-down list.  Type in your library card number and then the title or author of the item you are looking for.  If you find the item, you can click on “Request Item” and then choose the branch you where you would like to pick it up.  If you need any help or can’t find the item on Marina, please contact your local library branch and they will be more than happy to assist you!

To find a book or a movie, you can check our online catalog which is available on the home page our ccplonline.org website.   Begin by typing in the title or author and clicking on the “Catalog Search” blue button.   This will take you to a page with hits that match or come close to what you typed in.   Once here, you can also choose to limit or expand your search as well as to search for a specific format or in a specific library branch.   If you find the item you want, you can click on “Availability” to see a list of which branches own the item and if it is available.    If the item is checked out or available in another branch, you can place a hold on it.  The online catalog contains holdings for Charles, St. Mary’s and Calvert County Libraries.   If you need any help – a library staff member will be happy to assist you!

To place a hold on an item, you can just click on the blue “Place Hold/Request” button located to the right of the item record on the online catalog.   This will open up a window where you will need to type in your library card number (with no spaces) and your password.    If you can’t remember your password (passwords are created by you when you sign up for a library card) you can choose the “forgot your password?” option.  If you need any assistance, a library staff member will be happy to help!