What does CCPL mean to you?

During this period of uncertainty, Charles County Public Library is doing all we can to support you and keep our library strong—by lending e-books, providing up-to-date information, offering online classes, story times and programs, as well as supporting remote learning, jobs assistance, and community initiatives. Show your love for CCPL by posting a note for us. Share with us your thoughts, support, how else we can support our community, or answer one of our monthly questions.

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I am SO HAPPY and THANKFUL that my local library is finally semi-open!!! I MISSED it SO much! THANK YOU!!! I always enjoy my library visits!

~ Mary Ann, La Plata

I just want to give a shout out to the staff at La Plata Library! Things are tough with the pandemic, but the staff is always willing to help!

~Suzanne, La Plata

I love to read and I love to learn. Lifelong learner and I love the library system in the tri co. area. I miss it not being open. It’s an lifeline, thank you

~Linda, PD Brown

Thank you for the increased programming and communication during this time! I hope it continues when things go back to ‘normal’.

~Danielle, Waldorf West

I miss seeing my the excitement my children have when returning home with books to read. E-books just don’texcite them as much, can’t wait to get back in the library.

~Robert, Waldorf

Libraries have been important — even magical! — places to me since I was a little girl. I am so glad you are staying in touch!

~Kathy, Brandywine

MISS reading my “real” books so very much! Digital is great but nothing beats an actual book. Can’t wait til you open. Glad everyone is staying safe.

~Chris, La Plata

I have always found the staff at La Plata Library to be so helpful. Hoping that they are all well and staying safe during this pandemic. Miss you all!

~Anonymous, La Plata

We miss our library but we appreciate every virtual program and opportunity that has been shared to keep us engaged. #StaySafe #MarylandStrong

~Kaprena Camp, La Plata

I appreciate all the online resources that the library is providing, but its not enough. Not everything that I am looking for is available online.

~Regina, Welcome

I really appreciate your chat feature. It’s so convenient. The answers to my questions were delivered quickly and accurately! Thank you!

~Anonymous, Waldorf

I appreciate CCPL. You are such a relevant source for information, education and entertainment. Thank you for all you do!


Being there to find the information that I need when I need at my fingertips with mutual support at all times.

~Gary, Waldorf

I absolutely love visiting the library. I often visit 2-3 times a week with my children. It’s a peaceful and safe space for us.

~Lea Washington, Waldorf

My kids love the story time and picking new books each week. I love the fact that Marina and ILL really help me read whatever I’m interested in!

~Sara, Indian Head

Thank you for all the programing and your positive reactions to this new normal! Having fun with summer reading!

~Anonymous, La Plata

It’s nice to have a great library right in your backyard with tons of offerings! Me and my daughters miss our trips to the library.

~TW, Waldorf

Thanks for the help with research for materials via chat live! E-books, audio-books, videos have been a big money saver! Thanks Staff and Volunteers!

~Sue, Potomac Branch

I appreciate the creativity that CCPL has tapped into during this crisis. Access to online resources and communications has been great.

~Kim, Waldorf

CCPL is where my mum worked for 20+ years and I practically lived there! Books open doors as well as the programs and services offered there.


The Public Library system is very important to me. I read a lot of books. Have not tried reading ebooks. I look forward to visiting in the future.

~Carol, Waldorf

The library means so much to me! It allows me to read books, enjoy activities through summer, and provides a safe environment for kids and adults!

~Tara, La Plata

We miss seeing Mr. Donnie and checking out physical books but my kids are very glad to be doing the summer reading program, even virtually, is cool!

~Hawkins Family, La Plata

We’ve been loving the programming. The presenters chosen have used the virtual platform in creative ways to fully engage kids even with the distance.

~Anonymous, La Plata

I love the library – locating books, stumbling across new books, utilizing the computers and the tutoring rooms, and attending library events.

~Mel, Waldorf

Can’t tell you how much I miss the library. I have many books on hold and hope your book pick-up will start soon.

~Carol, Bel Alton

Thank you for offering online classes and books! I enjoy reading and prefer to read from an actual book, the ebooks and audio help!

~Debbie, Waldorf

I love the library! It has been an integral part of my kids’ lives. We enjoy the story time, helpful staff, and technology. We miss the library!

~Renae Brown, Waldorf

I love the friendly helpful people who work at the La Plata library. They make using the library a nice experience!

~Annette, Swan Point

I love being able to download books from the library for my Kindle instead of buying them. They have a huge selection!

~Pam Donahue, La Plata

I love being able to download books from the library for my Kindle instead of buying them. They have a huge selection!

~Pam Donahue, La Plata

I love being able to download books from the library for my Kindle instead of buying them. They have a huge selection!

~Pam Donahue, La Plata

While I haven’t taken advantage of many offerings yet, I have been quite impressed with the amount of information the library has been emailing. You’re doing a good job with this!


Getting lost in books keeps your mind hopeful this Covid will be over soon!

~Renieb, White Plains

Thank you for the free WIFI. Great kids books. Thank you for free tax help. Love the Heritage site.

~Fran, Waldorf

I love the Library! I have taken many of their courses and my grandchildren have taken a few as well. I’ve also taken some virtual classes.

~Gloria, LaPlata

I enjoy the Family Tree research website being accessible from home! Love audio books and wish the catalog were larger for digital downloads. 


I really appreciate the email communications to increase awareness of services and ideas. Prior to the closure, I checked out A LOT of books because print is easier on my eyes than screens. But when I run out of books, I will use my tablet to read. My children have used some of the services like Hoopla and Overdrive since the closure.


I love the Charles County Public Library System! You all do an amazing job keeping me informed. Thank you!

~Indian Head

The library feeds our imagination; a place of solace for ideas to germinate and a safe place to meet old friends, and make new. In person & online!

~Lindsay, Waldorf

Thank you for being there via email to answer my questions. Thank you for upping the limits on Hoopla and adding more digital platforms. You rock!

~Lazondral, Waldorf

I have learned to use Libby, and I love it! I do miss seeing the friendly faces of the employees at my branch, though!

~Janice, La Plata

Charles County Public Library means the world to me! I can go there – online or in person – and explore the universe while reading!

~Melody, La Plata

I appreciate the library and all of its services. From movies, activities, to science events, we could always find something at the library.

~Anonymous, Waldorf