Celebrate NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) with the Charles County Public Library this year by checking out some of our local authors, as part of our Local Author Virtual Showcase! All of the authors showcased in this series responded to a call for submissions we placed over this summer, to highlight their work throughout the month of November. At CCPL we value the contributions our local authors make in sharing their knowledge and passion with our community.  Make sure to check out our Local Author’s collection located at the Waldorf West Library. 

Brenda Clayburn


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Like the overwhelming pain of contractions, bjai was hit by wave after wave of death and uncertainty; she buried her father, discovered her cancer, pulled the plug on her husband, and buried her mother all in the space of fourteen months. Suffocating under the pile, bjai was desperate to create space between herself and the pain and to breathe again. Breathe follows bjai from happy afternoon to the hospice room and into the arms of friends, family, and Jesus who gave her the strength and confidence to just Breathe.

Just Me


(children’s book) -helps children love themselves just the way they were created. a little loud, a little aggressive but still special.

Meet Kaleigha! Join her as she understands what makes her special.Her hair, skin, smile, and lips are hers alone.And make her, as she says, “Just me.”‘Just me’ is a children’s read aloud book that’s written to build your child’s confidence, helping them realize, likeKaleigha, they are special because they are “Just me.”“My mom agrees I’m noisy,my dad says I talk a bunch but they tell me I am special and remind me I’m loved so much!”

Little Willie Wampel 


teaches children to not just tolerate diversity but embrace it. This book helps children accept those who don’t look like them.

Little Willie Wampel learns a lesson that helps him realize the world is bigger than he is.

Help your little one to not overlook our differences, but to enjoy them, hand in hand with you.

Brenda (bjai) Clayburn was born in Norfolk VA., but bred in New York from the age of eleven months old. The Clayburn’s with their three daughters returned to VA. to work with children in the school system, eventually establishing ‘Milk & Honey’ pre-school. Holding the position as a Children’s pastor and the owner/director of Ministry In Motion dance troupe, life was fun, full, and busy until the script was flipped. Allow this book to help you work through your situations: From the valley to the mountain top. From the test to the testimony. Just . . . “Breathe”