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Dr. Kathy L. Yorkshire

Secrets of Becoming a Virtuous Woman


Do you desire to identify and fulfill your purpose in the earth? Are you ready to go after God like never before? Secrets of Becoming a Virtuous Woman will aid you in being resolute to seek God, His Kingdom and all His righteousness first, just as He commanded all of His children to do. Want to know a secret? If you believe and apply the biblical principles shared with you, by faith, your life will change. You will embark on a shift, a beautiful transformation in your walk with God as you live out your purpose. This is not about following a checklist for living a perfect life. What is that anyway?

You and Kathy will explore the life of the virtuous woman (then and now) and this book will be used as a resource to do so in a practical way. Secrets of Becoming a Virtuous Woman entails parts of Kathy’s journey along with some of her teachable moments so that you know you are not alone and that you too, can keep moving forward. There is space for practical action steps to consider and personal reflection. But, first you’ll want to be privy to the secrets the virtuous woman has tucked away in her heart in order to be most effective in her home, workplace, ministry, her community and the world! Are you ready to be that woman? Read this book to discover the secrets about how. Believe it or not, the first one Kathy shares is the secret of your YES!

Dr. Kathy Lynn Yorkshire is an author, educator and entrepreneur. Most importantly, she’s also a proud wife to Ted, mother to Jasmyn & Briana, daughter to Deloris, and an unwavering friend to many. She is an intercessor who God uses to lead, exhort and shepherd others who are hungry for Him. Kathy often leads small discipleship groups and glorifies God by giving hope and encouragement to others (especially women) through His word. God empowers and challenges her to be the virtuous woman He created her to be. She remains in awe of how He moves in her life daily to carry out her purpose.

Kathy enjoys traveling and she has an extensive travel “bucket list” to include Maldives, Fiji, Turks and Caicos, Cabo, South Africa, and Bermuda just to name a few. (-: She also loves to cook and sample different cuisine when dining out with family and friends. Kathy adores her two rescue dogs, Kirby (Bichon Frise) and Bean (Mixed Terrier). One of her favorite pastimes is to go thrifting for hidden treasures or being snuggled under a warm blanket while watching a good movie.