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Nathan Jarelle

Beyond Poetry

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After the death of his kid brother on Philadelphia’s northside in August of 1994, Junior’s family relocates to “Brooke’s Rowe” on the southside of town. Devastated by the loss, Junior attempts to rebuild himself by socializing amongst his new peers. Unable to fit in, Junior lashes out in artistic protest before his rage boils over. Upon getting expelled for thrashing a kid at Franklin High, Junior enrolls into Medgar Evers Secondary School where he befriends a staff member, Casey, who coddles his creative genius. Like most kids in the ghetto, Junior’s talent is exhumed by his disadvantaged background; life can be harsh for a 14-year-old black child living in the guts of Philly’s southside. Gangs, drugs, and shootouts from neighborhood beefs are only a smidgen of Junior’s troubles as he attempts to poetically piece together his fractured world.

Beyond Poetry is a captivating tale of unconditional love, sacrifice, and the pursuit of happiness. Author Nathan Jarelle brilliantly cultivates his throwback, 90s fictional world with realness and superb authenticity in this urban suspense novel.

Nathan Jarelle is an author, poet, blogger and prolific urban storyteller. He resides in the Washington, D.C. metro region, also known as the “DMV”. Jarelle began his writing early on, creating short stories and poetry as a youth. He worked as a freelance author and sports columnist for various websites into adulthood. In 2019, he laid the groundwork for his highly-anticipated urban novel, Beyond Poetry, a beautifully written tale connecting timeless poetry and fiction.