Interested in the art of book folding? Here is a simple rolled vase book fold and two paper rose flowers! 

For the book fold 50 actual book pages (not the page numbers) from a book is needed. These are taken as a chunk left together from something like an oversize paperback. Then it is just alternating page folds and rolls, this takes between 30-45 minutes and makes a lovely vase ready for flowers!

The first rose fold is a quilled flower fold. Paper is 2cm wide and 40-50 cm long. This will make a super cute mini rose. The second rose is a multi step flower that will require 4 square (the larger the square the larger the finished rose) pieces of paper. Any paper works for the roses- loose book pages, colored paper, cardstock, etc. Gather your items and some glue, watch the video and let’s make some forever flowers and an awesome book fold!