Want to buy the latest refrigerator? Check out the best mattress for your bed? Then, check out Consumer Reports before heading out to the nearest appliance store.

How to access Consumer Reports at Charles County Public Library:

Step One: Head to our Web site and select Research and Learn

If you would like to access this database off-site, you must use your library card number and password.

Step Two: Select Research and Databases.

Step Three: Click on C under the A to Z option on the right-hand side of the page.

Step Four: Scroll down and click on Consumer Reports.

Step Five: Under Select Resource, click on consumerreports.org

Step Six: You can either use the search bar or scroll down and click on one of the product choices.

Step Seven: Select an item type to view information and ratings.

Step Eight: You should see ratings on each item, which you can select for further information.