Did you know that Pandas spend over 12 hours of the day just EATING? That sounds like life to me! Hahaha… Their diet includes fish (every now and then), fresh fruits, and lots (and lots) of bamboo. Make this cute Panda craft of your own…perfect for a day trip to the Zoo. Can’t make it to the zoo to see these amazing bears? Head over to Kanopy Kids and learn how these amazing creatures are close to extinction. Hoopla carries a variety of Panda ebooks you can read at the touch of your fingers. Want to learn more? NatGeo Kids has many Panda pictures and magazine articles you can browse.  


  • Coffee filter
  • Glue Stick
  • Black pom pom
  • Black marker
  • Pair of large googly eyes
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Background construction paper of your choice


1. Glue down your coffee filter to the background construction paper of your choice.

2. Cut two circles using black construction paper and glue them down as ears.

(3-inch circle for the ears)

3. Cut two more small circles from the black construction paper. Place them down as the eyes.

(1 ½ inch circle for the eyes)

4. Glue down your googly eyes over the top of the small circles.

5. Glue down your pom-pom nose.

6. Create a mouth using the black marker.

Additional Resources: 

Visit these majestic creatures here in D.C.! You can visit the Smithsonian Zoo for more information.