Is there no opportunity to celebrate Mom or Grandma on her special day with a lovely brunch or dinner out, or even a family gathering?  Why not send her a creative gift straight from your heart? 

Time or distance may limit the ways we can show mothers our love and appreciation.  Whether it be Mother’s Day, a birthday, or another occasion, there are ways to send mom, grandma, or another special woman in your life, a touching gift to warm her heart and brighten her day.

A Little Thought

It is no secret that the personal letter has fallen aside as technology offers faster methods of communicating.  And while tools such as texts and emails are useful for everyday interactions, what mother would not cherish a handwritten, thoughtful note?  After all, those texts and digital photos cannot be collected in a drawer of treasures for one to stumble upon in the future, resulting in a trip down memory lane.

Writing a letter to show your appreciation may be intimidating to some.  The key is to just get started.


If you are looking for inspiration, Kelly Corrigan’s Glitter and Glue is a reflection on how our bonds with our mothers resonate throughout life.  The book’s title echoes Kelly’s mother’s assessment that while her father is the glitter in the family, her mother is the glue.  The book reads quickly and evokes memories and tidbits of wisdom informed by our own mothers. 

In her 2014 memoir, Kelly begins life after college by setting off to Australia to discover the world and herself.  What she encounters is not what she had imagined.  After spending her savings, she is faced with the decision of heading home or finding a way to support herself.  The predicament lands Kelly in a position as a nanny for a recently widowed man and his two young children.  As she cares for the family, Kelly hears her mother’s voice advising her through her new responsibilities which leads to a reassessment of their relationship.  The book ends with a heartwarming discussion among Kelly, her two daughters, and her mother.  It places the reader in the middle of the same family banter we may be craving and can serve as inspiration for the task at hand.

Getting Started

Start brainstorming a list of things you have learned from your mom.  Include things she has taught you that have helped you navigate tough situations, such as knowing your way around the kitchen, knowing how to help a friend in need, and knowing how to stay positive in challenging times.   Personalize the list by describing the memory of when you learned those lessons from her.  The memories are the gift as much as the lessons learned.  Choose three of your best memories to include in your written gift.

Next, put pen to paper and just get started.  Once ideas are on paper, go back to revise and edit, and bring the story to life.  Be sure to include your thoughts and feelings as you recount your memories.  This will make your letter personal and heartwarming.  You now have the body, or content, of your letter.

In the closing, add something you are looking forward to doing together once you are able.  It can be something as simple as an afternoon cup of tea during your weekly visit or a big belated birthday bash with the entire family.

Taking it a Step Further

Highlights – Manners, Please! by Dreamscape Media, LLC

Use this same method with children to guide them in creating their own heartfelt gift for Mom.  Highlights, Manners Please! is a video of short stories by Dreamscape Media about manners.  It can be used as a jumping point for brainstorming behaviors moms teach. 

It also includes a fun and easy activity kids can try for themselves, a chance to be creative with their free time.

Writing a Thank You Note

How to Write a Thank-you Letter by Cecelia Minden is a good refresher on writing a thank you note for kids and adults alike.  It outlines the thought process for writing a sincere note, as well as the writing process. 

Finishing it With a Handmade Gift

Mother’s Day Gifts by Anastasia Suen gives step by step instructions for simple gift ideas using household items.  Appropriate for any occasion, the crafts can add the final touch to a heartfelt gift. 


Further Reading

The library has many sources to help you with any topic of your choice.  For digital resources, visit the Charles County Public Library website and search under “Read, Watch,& Listen” to find our digital media service Hoopla or Overdrive, a site for accessing eBooks and audiobooks.