The month of October is dedicated to celebrating the Arts and Humanities. The expression of art in all forms and the exploration of diverse cultures are honored through festivals, activities, and programs across the country. National Arts and Humanities Month (NAHM) can be celebrated through creative and imaginative artistic expressions and themes, such as in visual art, dance, Theatre, culinary arts, photography, fashion, music, literature, architecture, self-made handcrafted projects, poetry, cinematography and so much more. 

A great way to learn about the Arts is by doing and participating in cultural community activities. The following is a list of YA book recommendations and CCPL digital resources inspired by the Arts and Humanities. I hope one or more of these recommendations spark your interest to further explore your artistic side or encourage you to learn the language of another culture. 

Illustrated profiles of 50 pioneering female artists–from the 11th century to today–from the author of the New York Times bestseller Women in Science.

For the first time ever, America’s Test Kitchen Kids is bringing their rigorous testing, kitchen know-how, and hands-on learning to teenagers in the kitchen. Fiercely independent and searching for culinary adventure, teen chefs are ready for exciting, global recipes made to share with friends and family–with the support of fundamental kitchen techniques and approachable instruction.

Based on successful fashion-drawing workshops held at London’s Fashion and Textile Museum, here are practical drawing exercises that really work. Bold design, color-coded sections, and drawings that will translate to a sheet of paper make this a helpful and inspiring resource.

Have you ever created art based on a TV show or game? Dressed up as your favorite character? If so, you’ve entered fandom. Tour fandom’s history and meet creators who shape fan communities online and in real life.

5-minute Plays for Teens edited by Lawrence Harbison

A collection of plays that appeal to high school students and aspiring young actors. The plays contain teen subject matter and teen characters.

You Don’t Have to be Everything edited by Diana Whitney

A contemporary poetry anthology that offers girls and young women wisdom and compassion for a vital, formative time in their lives.

Check out Mango Languages if you want to challenge yourself to learn another language. 

Languages courses are offered in 72 languages and include specialty courses focused on specific subjects.

Use Mango Languages on a PC or Mac:

You can try Mango as a guest, but to save your progress, create a profile with your email address, a password, and your Charles County Library card number. Once you’ve logged in, choose the language you want to start learning.