Do you want to create a beautiful winter centerpiece? Join us as we teach you how to decorate a repurposed wine bottle and prepare for your favorite celebrations!

The foliage is crisp, and the tree branches are bare…the days are much shorter, and there is a chill in the air. With the festive season fast approaching, this is the time of year when friends and families gather together to cook, bake, and celebrate. Stop by P.D. Brown Library and create a gorgeous winter centerpiece to brighten your home and make it cozy and inviting for the upcoming season.

Please note that to receive the craft supplies, registrants must attend the program.

*The craft is recommended for ages 18+.

You can register here for the program.

Additional Resources:

Below are two interesting articles – the first detailing the history of “grape stomping” and the second featuring ideas to repurpose empty wine bottles. Also highlighted are articles containing inspirations for creating beautiful seasonal spaces, as well as a myriad of resources on acrylic painting, crocheting, the art of floral arrangements, knitting, and making your home cozy and inviting for the upcoming season – from our CCPL catalog.

First, here is an article about the historical significance and origins of “grape stomping”:

The Ancient Tradition of Stomping Grapes to Make Wine

Below is an article containing creative ideas for repurposing your empty wine bottles:

35 DIY Wine Bottle Crafts That’ll Get You in the Upcycling Spirit

You may also check out our CCPL catalog for more information on making your home cozy and inviting for the upcoming season, seasonal crafts, and acrylic painting such as:

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