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Ian Tonnessen

Critical Asset


(From the author: “Critical Asset is adult science fiction with some YA appeal. The story is set in 2065, when an international crisis threatens to turn the Second Cold War into a worldwide conflict. Fast, tense, and rooted in the trends and moral dilemmas of today’s world, I wrote it for a commercial audience far wider than sci-fi readers. This is my debut novel.”) 

By 2065 Captain Jaana Pierce has spent her career in the Second Cold War. One of U.S. Space Command’s best officers, she and her crew train for a day they doubt will ever come. But the Seventh Arrow revolutionaries are ready to make that unthinkable day happen.

Desperate to overthrow their nation’s regime, rebel commandos seize the most valuable and secretive research station ever built. Setting up their government to take the blame for its destruction, the rebels expect the ensuing war will be quick and decisive. Unexpectedly drawn into the siege, Pierce and her crew must battle a relentless enemy.

Outmatched while the world hurtles towards disaster, she will have to risk much more than her life to end the crisis. She will also have to confront her limits of duty. The approaching war is a lie — but stopping it may be the more destructive choice.

“If Tom Clancy had written sci-fi, it would read like Critical Asset.”

“No aliens, no superpowers, no wildly dystopian societies — the realism makes it all the more thrilling.”

The debut novel of military intelligence analyst Ian Tonnessen, CRITICAL ASSET brings some projected crises of the mid-21st Century to life with realistic action and unforgettable characters. Fast-paced and rooted in the dilemmas of today’s world, trailblazing science is mixed into a rich and relatable vision of the future — a future both exciting and unsettling.

Ian Tonnessen is a D.C.-based intelligence analyst specializing in military technology developments. A former naval officer and a lifelong science fiction geek, Critical Asset is his debut novel. He welcomes all questions, comments, discussions, jokes, drink recipes, and blinding adoration.