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Keianna Johnson

Coming of Age: The Easy Guide to Healthy Hair Care for Teens

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Now that you are a teenager, everyone expects you to know how to care for your hair on your own yet forgot to set aside time to teach you. So you’ve gone day to day winging it. Some of you have cut cornrows out of your hair accidentally trying to take down crochet braids. Some of you who have Locs used creamy conditioner to moisturize your hair only to discover how hard it is to rinse out. Then there are some of you who forgot to detangle your hair before shampooing just to have a 2-hour comb out session in which you’ve lost a bunch of hair. Writing this book was essential to me because I want every tween/teenage girl to be confident in her ability to make healthy choices for her hair. I hope this book provides clear instructions that will assist you in managing your hair on your own.

Book Description:

Coming of Age: The Easy Guide to Healthy Hair Care for Teens is a magnificent book for young girls who are embarking on the journey of styling their textured (Locs, Extensions, etc.) hair for the first time. It’s also an excellent resource for teens who have been doing their hair but lack the guidance, support, and or understanding of what it takes to care for and maintain their textured hair properly. Coming of Age can be purchased via Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble.

Keianna Johnson is recognized in her community as an award-winning children’s textured hair care professional and owner of Chi Chi Sophistication Kids Natural Hair Studio, where she specializes in chemical-free, quality hair braiding services. Keianna has been fortunate enough to create Healthy Hair & Style Workshops for Teens in The Washington D.C. area. To support the youth by providing guidance and understanding of maintaining their textured hair properly, Keianna wrote a book entitled Coming Of Age: The Easy Guide to Healthy Hair Care for Teens. When she is not styling hair, Keianna writes about Unapologetic Living and encourages people to take back their power to be themselves on the Web site. Her passion for hair care has allowed her to travel, meet new people, and support her beloved family.

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