Celebrate NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) with the Charles County Public Library this year by checking out some of our local authors, as part of our Local Author Virtual Showcase! All of the authors showcased in this series responded to a call for submissions we placed over this summer, to highlight their work throughout the month of November. At CCPL we value the contributions our local authors make in sharing their knowledge and passion with our community.  Make sure to check out our Local Author’s collection located at the Waldorf West Library. 

Yvonne L. Coates

Taking Off the Mask


The book was inspired by my life of secretly living with my soulmate’s disability, while silently concealing my pain with an imaginary mask. It teaches others how to live with, and care for a loved one with a disability or medical condition by using obstacles as opportunities to experience a deeper love to embrace true inner peace, self-care, and an amazing self-discovery.

Yvonne is a wife, mother, author, mentor, speaker, entrepreneur and artist who is zealous about helping others. Her ability to connect with people to minister on every level allows them to embrace their own traits of compassion for others more profoundly. She has dedicated her life to imparting wisdom, love, trust, and kindness while fulfilling her destiny to remain centered in every way. She likes to consider herself the glue that keeps everything together and this book will tell you just how she did it.