Teleworking or working remotely can be a challenge in any organization. How do you juggle the workload with everyday household tasks and responsibilities? Below are some resources that can give you a head start on what to do. 

Start by browsing our online catalog. Type the term “working from home” in the catalog search bar. This will bring up any books, ebooks and electronic resources that the Library carries. Below are a couple of the examples of resources that we have available on how to successfully work from home.  is also a  great resource for information on working from home. You can access this database through our library homepage under the Research and Learn section. You will need a library card to set up an account. Sign up for a library card here! Search the following subjects for information on teleworking: working remotely, leading at a distance, managing virtual teams, and balancing work and life.


Another good source for information and training is the Grow with Google On-Demand Webinar on Working Remotely. If you have a Google account, you can go to their website directly to view their training webinars. This one happens to be on YouTube. This 46 minute video focuses on how to set up and run a home office and/or business. It also gives you some great pointers that will work in any working from home situation. 

Below are some of the topics covered in the video:
  1. Working from Home does not mean you are free to do errands or aren’t busy.
  2.  Set boundaries and expectations.
  3.  Discuss roles and responsibilities when it comes to tasks around the house, time you spend with family, etc.
  4.  Designate a workspace for yourself while working remotely. That helps you to focus and be more comfortable.
  5.   Avoid distractions. Time on your schedule for work is for work.
  6.   Block social media sites while you work. Turn your phone on Do Not Disturb.
  7.   Don’t work with your TV on.
  8.   Do not multitask.
  9.   Stay motivated with small goals and big goals.
  10.   Positive reinforcement is important.
  11.   Stay in contact. Meeting face to face (Zoom, Google Meet, etc) can help remote work feel less remote.

Forbes Magazine

Last, but not least, check out “10 Tips for Working Remotely During Coronavirus” from Forbes Magazine:

  1. Designate a workspace
  2.  Create a comfortable environment
  3.  Set boundaries
  4.  Keep children on a schedule
  5.  Maintain a consistent routine
  6.  Over communicate
  7.  Stay connected with colleagues
  8.  Take breaks
  9.  Make time for physical and creative activities
  10.  Focus on the big picture