Bokashi composting is a process of quickly fermenting food scraps and organic material into soil conditioner that can add fertility to your garden. Food waste is added to a bucket with layers of Bokashi, a grain inoculated with beneficial microorganisms. Bokashi grain can be made with wheat, rice and other grains but is commonly made with spent beer grain from breweries. Adding compost to your garden will make your plants happy and improving the quality of your soil can also help prevent flooding and drought by increasing the amount of water the soil can hold.

The fermentation process reduces most of the odor associated with decaying food scraps and the container is vacuum sealed making it a great option for indoor composting. .The bokashi grain can be used as a general deodorizer and is safe to mix in with cat litter to neutralize odors. One of the benefits of bokashi composting is that it allows you to add food items that don’t break down easily in traditional composting bins. This includes citrus, cooked foods, dairy, and meat.

The process of using a Bokashi bin is simple. You fill the bin with layered scoops of Bokashi. Every other day, you drain the liquid at the  bottom of the bin, either down the drain or you can dilute it with water and use it as a fertilizer. When the bin is full, top it off with more Bokashi grain and let it sit undisturbed for 2 weeks to continue fermenting. After that, you simply bury it in trenches or in your outdoor compost pile to allow it a few more weeks to break down.

CCPL Composting Workshop

Join us at P.D. Brown Library on September 25th at 11 AM for an outdoor composting program. Learn more about composting, different compost bin setups, and ways to to use compost in your garden and yard. Presented by University of Maryland Extension Master Gardeners! 

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