Nothing says summer like a nice backyard barbecue, so it’s no wonder we celebrate National Grilling Month in July!  

Are you new to grilling and looking to learn the basics?
Are you tired of using the same old boring recipes every time?
Are you in need of advice on flavors for sauces and marinades?

Then look no further — we’ve compiled a list of 10 great grilling and barbecue books available right now on Hoopla!  So grab your aprons, light up those charcoals, and become the ultimate grill master!

Total Grilling Manual by Lisa Atwood

This a-z, all-inclusive guide to grilling has everything for the first time grilling and the seasoned veteran alike. Find top tips, tricks to get the most out of your grill, and delicious recipes that everyone will love!

1,001 Best Grilling Recipes by Rick Browne

Browne begins with a brief primer on basic grilling techniques, but the real substance of this book is the dazzling array of recipes. You’ll find dishes everyone can enjoy, including standard grill fare like beef and chicken as well as the more unusual shellfish and wild game. If you love to grill (or know someone else who does) this is a must-have resource!

Grill Every Day by Diane Morgan

Whoever said grills are reserved for weekend barbecues has never met Diane Morgan. In her newest grilling cookbook, she presents a compelling argument that grills should be used every night, complete with 125 recipes and the promise of less dishwashing.

Wicked Good Burgers by Andy Husbands, Chris Hart, Andrea Pyenson

Wicked Good Burgers ain’t your daddy’s patty on a bun. It fearlessly incorporates new techniques, inspirations, and ingredients to take your burgers to the next level!

Sizzle and Smoke by Stephen Petusevsky

This grilling book was specifically designed for people with diabetes or prediabetes. This collection of grilling recipes uses lean meats and vegetarian dishes to deliver the smoky, natural flavor only a grill can provide.  It’s perfect for the backyard BBQ chef looking to cut calories and inches without cutting out the flavor. 

Flavorize by Ray (Dr. BBQ) Lampe

Dr. BBQ demonstrates how to dress up meats, vegetables, and fruits with 120 brand-new recipes for tantalizing marinades, mouthwatering injections, savory brines, flavorful rubs, and full recipes for what to make with them. The deliciousness never ends in this must-have manual for those looking to spice things up!

Fire It Up by David Joachim and Andrew Schloss

Fire It Up shows today’s cooks how to buy, prepare, and grill more than 290 ingredients. Handy charts explain different cuts, best grilling methods, and perfect doneness. Jam packed with recipes, tips, and illustrations, Fire It Up is THE grill book for this summer!

BBQ&A With Myron Mixon by Myron Mixon

Bestselling author and TV personality Myron Mixon answers the questions most frequently asked of him during his many live cooking demos and TV appearances. Myron’s lively, informative answers are paired with practical visuals and cover techniques and methods, flavors and preparations, recipes and formulas.

Vegetables on Fire by Brooke Lewy

This is a grilling book dedicated to vegetables that eat like meat. The first of its kind, this cookbook features 60 recipes for satisfying, flavor-forward meals. For vegetarians, those who love to grill, and anyone looking for more creative ways to prepare vegetables, this handbook is destined to live beside the grill.

VBQ – The Ultimate Vegan BBQ Cookbook by Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer

Calling all vegans: it’s your turn at the grill! BBQ, make way for VBQ: smoky, succulent, and completely plant–based barbecued fare. Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer have transformed the art of grilling into a veggie lover’s feast with over 80 recipes to satisfy every craving for food that’s fresh and fiery. You’ll be a vegan pitmaster in no time!