Have you seen all the snow lately? Do you remember those beautiful snowball fights? HA! So much fun! Let’s do some winter-y activities together!

  • Warmup to Hoopla and watch a short video on an exciting snow day with interactive activities you can do right at home! 

  • Ski on over to Overdrive and read along to this story about the biggest snowman you may have ever seen. 

  • Learn all about how snow is formed here on Gale

  • Discover more with Creativebug.

  • And don’t forget to create this cute group of snowmen just using your handprint. 

Materials Needed

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Fine Tip Black Marker

  • White Construction Paper

  • Piece of Black and Five Different Color Construction Paper


Place your hand on the white construction paper and trace using a pencil. Cut out your handprint.

Create hats of your choice. I made box hats and beanies. Cut out and glue on the tips of the fingers of the paper.

Using the color construction paper, cut a thin strip and cut line edges. Glue on the “scarves.”

Using your black marker, place dotted eyes, buttons, and a nice smile.

Using an orange marker and draw noses.