Are you constantly losing your place in the book that you are reading? Say no more! Create a cute Pom-Pom Bookmark for your page tracker! It’s not only cute, but it will accessorize your book, too. Spring on over to Hoopla and borrow this book on all sorts of yarn art you can design. You can also refer to Creativebug to get more ideas and inspiration. Read all about the world’s oldest yarn found here on Gale. Happy creating!


  • Yarn of your choice

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • Tape (optional)

  • Pencil (optional)


Step One: Using your ruler, measure 10-inches of yarn and 15- inches of yarn. Cut and set aside.

Step Two: Wrap yarn around three fingers about 80-90 times (for large pom-poms and 25-50 for smaller pom poms) loosely, not tightly.

Step Three: Carefully take the yarn wrap off your finger and place it in the center of the 10-inches yarn string you cut earlier.

Step Four: Double knot tightly and securely.

Step Five: Take the 15-inch yarn string you cut earlier and loop it through the first knot you made. Knot and secure tightly.

Step Six: Loop one end of the string through the knot you made and securely double tie.

**This is where the pencil comes in handy.**

Step Seven: Using scissors, cut around the loop on both ends, like so.

Step Eight: It’s okay if your puff is uneven. We will use scissors to trim and make the pom-pom look neater.

Step Nine: Holding on to the long string, start trimming around the pom-pom.

It will get a little messy, but that is okay. 

**Quick Tip: Wrap the long string around your fingers while trimming. It give you a secure grip on your pom-pom and you won’t accidentally cut off the long yarn string we need to keep.**

  • You can use a piece of tape at the end of the string so it stays put.

  • You can color coordinate. 

  • Create all sorts of sizes. 

  • Braid the strings.

  • Thread 1-2 beads on the ends of the string.