Is there REALLY a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Create this cute pot of gold led by a rainbow. Check out this book about different Irish folklore here on COSMOS. Perhaps, this giant leprechaun knows where the gold is hidden? Do they exist? Find out on Gale. Grab a few ideas on Hoopla and learn all the ways you can build a trap to catch one.


  • 5 – Multi-Color 1×8 inch Strip Construction Paper

  • 1⁄2 Black Construction Paper

  • Extra Yellow Construction Paper

  • String/Pipe Cleaner


Step One: Using the template provided here, trace the pot onto the black construction paper and cut it out.

Step Two: Using the yellow strip of construction paper, fold in half 2 times. Make a circle and cut it out. You should have 4 circles. Cut the bottom of the circle off. Set aside.

Step Three: Using a glue stick, glue on the “gold coins” in a row on the pot.

Step Four: Using each color strip, glue the edge and interlock with a second color, and so on.

Step Five: Using a piece of string or a pipe cleaner, poke a hole through one of the ends of the rainbow chain. Secure by bending. Poke the other side on the pot and secure by bending.

Step Six: Using the leftover pipe cleaner/string, create a loop hanger.

Step Seven: Congratulations, you have your very own rainbow and pot of gold