Seasons bring us all sorts of nature around to explore. The weather changes, and the time changes. But, mainly, the leaves change throughout the year. Create this leaf-changing wheel craft, and discover what colors the leaves become when the seasons change. Discover Overdrive, and admire the beautiful leaf artwork. What do Little Bear and Emily stumble upon while raking leaves? Watch it here on Kanopy Kids. Get ready to have fun here on BookFlix! Read, listen, and watch these dual stories on leaves. There are even games related to the stories to play! And, as always, find more ideas here on Creativebug.


  • 2 Paper Plates

  • Glue

  • Construction Paper (1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Green & 1 Brown)

  • Brad

  • Scissors

  • Pencil/Marker

  • Leaf Template

Step One: Use a leaf template to draw a leaf on one side of one paper plate. Cut out the leaf shape that you just drew.

Step Two: Cut out four triangles from the different colors of construction paper. Glue the four triangles onto the second paper plate.

Step Three: Place a hole in the center of both of the plates. Secure the plates together with your brad.

Step Four: Spin your top plate to the different colors and watch the leaf change colors.