In Ten Ways to Hear Snow, Lina discovers that snow has covered her neighborhood. On the way to her Sitti’s to help her make warak enab (Lebanese recipe for stuffed grape leaves), not only to have a fun evening with her grandmother, but Sitti is starting to lose her sight and needs help with making meals. On the way to her house, Lina notes ten things that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Can you think of ten things that Winter changes? Hmm, let me see, trees change in the Winter because they lost their leaves during Fall. The nights are longer during Winter too… hmm… 

Well, while we finish our own list of what Winter changes, let us get ready to Cook our Book! In today’s post, I will be making a new recipe (for me) called “Lemon Ginger Snow,” inspired by this snowy story! 

For the Gelatin, we will need: 

  • (3)  ½ cups of cold water

  • (2) ¼ teaspoons of unflavored gelatin

  • 1 cup of sugar

  • 1 piece (4 inches) of ginger

  • 1 cup of lemon juice

For the snow we will need:

  • Honey/Maple syrup

  • 1 cup of heavy cream

Before we cook, I would like to go over safety tips for when we are in the kitchen. Wash your hands before cooking and throughout the day. When using heated appliances and sharp utensils, make sure that you have a parent or guardian to help (I still need some help myself!) Without further ado, let’s get cooking!


Step 1: We will make our gelatin! We will combine the sugar, ginger, lemon juice, water, and gelatin into a saucepan and bring it to boil and stir until the sugar dissolves. Once that is done, we will turn off the stove, and refrigerate the gelatin for about 2 hours. 

Step 2: While we are waiting for our delicious gelatin to cool, let’s make our “snow”! We will mix together the heavy cream and sugar until we have thick swirls of creamy peaks! Yummy! (I did not have luck making my peaks, so if you didn’t either, that is okay!)

We still have a little time left on the gelatin, so let’s check in on Lina, shall we? Lina has made it to Sitti’s apartment, and together they fold the filling of the warak enab into the grape leaves, making it look like they are in green “cocoons,” or the mustaches of “tough guys.” While they are eating, Lina informs Sitti of the nine snow sounds she came across on the way to her apartment. Will Lina find the tenth sound with her Sitti? Read the Black-Eyed Susan Award Nominee, Ten Ways to Hear Snow, by Cathy Camper! I absolutely adored this story, especially when I paired it with my lemon ginger snow concoction, and I hope you will too!

Speaking of my ginger snow concoction, here is my finished product! It might not look perfect, but it was delicious and that’s what matters!

For more information on snow, click here to watch this episode from the Kanopy series, “Making Stuff!”